Lauren Edwards a winner on the Costa del Sol tour

On the Costa del Sol tour, Mijas, Lauren Edwards was on form with the young horses, taking the top two places in the five-year-old on Tuesday with winner Expresso (pictured) and Boston 11 and seventh on Kesara. Sven Hadley was ninth on Cardino Z. Anna Edwards was second in Tuesday's six-year-old with Fix Date, Hannah Berry (Billy Slaney) took eighth and Steven Franks was 13th on Kan Do. In Tuesday's seven-year-old, William Funnell was third on Billy Fraulein and fifth with Billy Holly Blue and Lauren (Ella Sandra G) took fourth. In Wednesday's age classes, William took sixth on Billy Fraulein and ninth on Billy Holly Blue in the seven-year-old and 13th on Billy Bolton in six-year-old. In the five-year-old, Lauren was sixth with Kesara, 15th on Expresso and 16th with Boston 11.

Photo © courtesy of Costa del Sol tour.