Chloe Aston and Kandahar win in Spain

Wednesday round up in Spain: On the Spanish sunshine tour, Vejer, Chloe Aston topped the six-year-old B section on Kandahar (pictured). Ireland's Shane Breen (Cantare Z) took seventh, Max Routledge was eighth (Sandro's Boy Z) and ninth (Firkov Du Rouet), with Pippa Goddard (No Name) 12th, Donald Whitaker (Furst Gravin) 13th, Bethanie Knight (Renkum Ruby Rouge) 18th, Kayleigh Watts (Colton Playtime) 19th and Jess Dimmock (Billy Wish) 20th. Tara McDonald and Fygo Von De Ouwe Grint took second in the six-year-old A section with Joe Whitaker ninth (Redhill Fanta) and 14th (La Mona), Danny Dunne (For Killy) 18th, Richard Howley (First Woman) 21st and John Whitaker (Areba II) 23rd. Kerry Grimster and Moonlight VI took third in the seven-year-old A section and Robert Whitaker (Eunomia) was 15th. Ireland's Bertram Allen headed the seven-year-old B section on Christy Junior. Max Routledge third (Chanel IV), fifth (Castletara Lady Lux) and eighth (Ella VI). Chloe Aston (Cornado's Boy RC) was ninth with Robert Bevis (Etude) 12th, Robert Maguire (Arramis) 14th, Tim Wilks (Elizabeth) 16th and Joe Whitaker 18th (Lugarno) and 20th (Diola). In the five-year-old - which was split in two sections, Pippa Goddard (Chellimo) won, Remy Ellis (Guadelupe) and Louis Simmons (Giulietta) were second, Jude Burgess (Quite Feeling) and Alice Palmer (Catokyo) took third, Jude (Germates) and Shane Breen (Close Up VA) took fourth, Pippa Allen (Fashion Statement) was fifth, Trevor Breen (Get Off) was sixth, Joe Whitaker (Black Pearl Leone) and Pippa Goddard (Zoon Van London) was seventh, Richard Howley (Heather M) took eighth, Danny Dunne on Ginger Ale and Good Choice took ninth, Alice Palmer (G Korette) was tenth, Louis Simmons (Lyrics) and Sally Hopkinson (G Vleut) took 11th, Jude Burgess (Gimona) was 12th, Spencer Roe was 25th (Gusto) and 26th Golden Boy and Anna Wilks was 28th on L Primero Di Gala. On the MET 2 tour, Oliva Nova, Jamie Wingrove (Heartstring) was 15th in the six-year-old, Ireland's Ivan Dalton was second in the seven-year-old on Volcelest De La Byche with Ryan Thomas in 11th on Cassy N and Ivan also won the five-year-old (Barynia Jo) with Mackenzie Ray (Directeur) 12th.