No British wins, but Anna Edwards picks up world ranking points in Mijas

British wins were absent on the Costa del Sol tour, Mijas, but Anna Edwards picked up world ranking points on Blazer B with third in the 1.45m grand prix. Peter Charles (Stapleton Mist) was sixth, Pippa Funnell (Billy Grand) was tenth and William Funnell (Billy Congo) took 12th. Anna was also second in the 1.40m on Chesterfield Z with Stuart Neads (Cocomone) ninth Ellie Meager (Quettin Du Buisson Z) was eighth in the master 1.30m with Harry Charles (Vivaldi Du Dom) 17th and his father Peter (ABC Quantum Cruise) 18th. Harry was also sixth in the premium 1.30m on Uquilea) with his sister Sienna (Chaitanya 2) seventh and Steven Franks (Billy Ginger) 12th. Hannah Berryman (Billy Gogo) was second in the 1.20m with Alex Gill (Nicholas 55) fourth and Domenique Bonneli-Baird (Amazing) 15th. In the 1.10m, Ireland's Tori Dunn was second (Bellscross Cruisedow) and third (Victoria Z) with Nicola Baily-Gibson (Limited edition) 14th, Stuart Neads (Galileo V) 15th and Tomer Ziv (Rivaux) 16th.

Ther were no British wins on MET 2, Oliva Nova, either, but Louise Pavitt has quickly struck up a bond with Unex Chamberlain Z after reuniting following the birth of her second son, and they took fourth in the 1.45m grand prix in the 19-strong jump-off, 0.90sec behind winner Belgium's Constant van Paesschen (Carlow Van De Helle). Scott Brash slotted Hello Guv'nor into 11th with a steady double clear. Alex Hempleman was 20th in the gold 1.40m on Cassini II and Scott Brash gave Hello Sanctos a run in the accumulator for 11th, three points off the maximum score in a very steady time. Alex and Billy Dinero took sixth in the silver 1.40m, while Jamie Wingrove (Kannzo Z) was double clear and 18th in the silver 1.30m and third on El Paso in the 1.25m just behind Roger McCrea and Tulipe De Baudiere in second. On the bronze tour, Ireland's Shane O'Reilly (Witro) was fifth in the 1.40m with Emma Shingles (Mirdads Hawa) tenth. Emma Holmes (Lowhill Ambassador) was fourth in the 1.30m with Mackenzie Ray (Audrey) seventh, and in the 1.25m, Mackenzie (Valse De Boguin) was second with Ashley Ray (Care For), Kirsty Keating (Esso) sixth and Olivia Skinner (Sir Henry IV) 12th.

Photo © Jumping Around