Louise Saywell leads the way for the British winners on the Spanish sunshine tour

On the Spanish sunshine tour, Vejer, Louise Saywell and Patrol (pictured) won the big tour C speed. Robert Bevis (Courtney Z) was fourth and Tim Wilks (Une De Printemps) fifth, Chloe Aston (Amigo T) sixth, Guy Williams (Carlson) eighth, Joe Whitaker (Lola) ninth, Laura Robinson (Jonti) tenth, Phillip Miller (Unbelievable Lady) 12th, Anna Wilks (Brayn) 13th, Harriet Nuttall (Galway Bay Jed) 14th and William Whitaker (Mersley Chakotay) 15th. Harriet Nuttall and A Touch Imperious was best Brit in the grand prix, taking fourth. Spain's Manuel Anon won on Rackel Chavannaise with Guy Williams (Depardieu van't Kiezelhof) sixth - "I was fast enough but had the last" said Guy - Kerry Brennan (Wellington M) ninth and James Davenport (Cochella) 12th.in the 12-strong jump-off. On four faults in round one were Tim Wilks (Quelboro Merze), Yazmin Pinchen (Van De Vivaldi), Louise Saywell (Lizziemary), Robert Whitaker (Catwalk), Chloe Aston (Kolibri Classic) and Pippa Allen (Hope Springs). In the big tour B jump-off class, Ireland's Trevor Breen (Bombay) was sixth with Robert Maguire and HOYS Foxhunter champion Anastasia Ven De Helle seventh, Phillip Miller (Sussex Caretino) eighth and Yazmin Pinchen (Con Chilli) tenth. Robert Bevis (Chablis ET), British-based Patrick Nisbett (Quick Z) riding for Bermuda and British-based Swede Angelie von Essen (Newton Abbot) all had one time fault each in round one. Joe Whitaker (Twilight Van Het Reitven) won the big tour A1 two-phase with Harriet Nuttall (Highland Cruiser) second, Tim Page (Hi Midnight Millie) fourth, Justin Tuff (Cumana Van Pottelberg) fifth, Leonie Aitkenhead (Opium Europa UK) sixth, James Whitaker (Centomento JS) ninth, Patrick Nisbett (Da Vinci) tenth, Theo Simpson (Touch Of Chilli) 12th and David Wingrove (Denver P) 16th. Matt Sampson notched up another victory on Dolanda in the Big tour A2 speed with Joe Whitaker (Ximena) in second, Robert Bevis (Vogue) fourth, Kayleigh Watts (Eburon Van t Nachtegalehof) seventh, Tim Gredley (Unex Clintan MB) 8th, Max Routledge La Lou Du Rouet) ninth, Yazmin Pinchen (Unesca) tenth, Justin Tuff (Man From Del Monte) 11th, Tim Page (Galano Ter Klomp) in equal 12th with Phillip Miller (Darona), James Whitaker (La Cawarra) 15th and Jude Burgess (Carvelo Z) 19th. Ireland's Paul Beecher (Asti 71) was sixth in the classic tour grand prix, won by Spain's Teresa Balzquez Abascal (Carola). Alison Barton (Roma IV) was ninth and Chris Moorhouse (One Inverness) took ninth on one time fault in round one. Henry Turrell (Barbados III) took second in the classic tour C two-phase with Chloe Breen (Zidane VIII) fifth, Jake Aston (Celeste SPB Z) eighth, Joanne Whitaker (Contendro Star) ninth, Richard Barton (Donata) 11th, Sarah Lewis (Doonaveeragh Emma) 19th, Richard Jenkinson (Chilas) 22nd, Abbie Crippen (Able Mable) 23rd and Alice Palmer (Dy Korette) 25th. Kerry Grimster and All Rise won the classic tour B speed from Ellie Hall-McAteer and Dazzle in second. Ireland's Brian Cassidy (Mega Heatwave) took third with Bethanie Knight (Dior) seventh, Lily Beveridge (Paris XI) 13th and Tom Roche (Chacco Brown) 18th. EllieHall-McAteer and Blush won the classic tour A speed with Emily Smallman (Casimir II) third, Ellie Stevenson (Kopperfield) fifth, Nancy Pinchen (Zodiac Z) seventh, Polly Gredley ninth (Grand Conan) and 13th (Cuchino Z) and Lily Beveridge (Wijnand) 11th.

Photo © Jumping Around