Katie Dinan and Dougie Douglas take the WEF 6 grand prix in Wellington

Holly Gillott's former top horse Dougie Douglas is on form with his new rider Katie Dinan.

Dougie Douglas is an 11-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding (ARD VDL Douglas x High Roller) that Dinan just began competing at the beginning of January. She purchased the gelding from English rider Holly Gillott, who had been riding the horse for most of his career from the age of four onwards.

“I must say that she did an unbelievable job producing him because he is a joy to ride, and he seems to love show jumping as much as I do,” Dinan said of her mount. “He has had a lot of experience on big grass fields, so it was always my plan to jump him in the grand prix here on the grass field this week. I am very happy with how it went. I could not have hoped for it to go better and he loved being out there.”

Commenting on the jump-off, Dinan stated, “There were only three in it, so I knew I was going to get a good ribbon no matter what, and it seemed like a good moment to try to be competitive. I saw Harrie (Smolders) go before me, and I knew that he is always a very fast rider, and he looked quite fast. That, in a way, took the pressure off a little bit because I had to go fast and see what happened. It was my first time trying to go fast with this horse and he got really excited and very into it. We were having fun out there, so it was really a nice feeling. Also, Wilton is fast too, so it was not over until it was over.”

Dougie Douglas has a lot of experience jumping on grass fields, which Dinan explained made her job a little easier.

“He is very brave,” she noted. “This class used to be a derby, and originally I was hoping it still was a derby, but it was nice that they included the hedge jump, and the water jump, and the planks. It was something a little bit different for the horses and to diversify our winter for the horses is great.”

Dinan is completing her final semester at Harvard University and looks forward to getting back to riding full-time in May. She has been training with Swiss equestrian and Olympic team silver medalist Beat Mändli for two years now.

Clocking in a close second to Dinan, Harrie Smolders was happy with his finish aboard Aiyetoro, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmlood gelding (Concorde x Colino) owned by Copernicus Stables. Smolders got the ride on the gelding a little over a year ago.

“Originally he is from England, and I think you could see that today, just like Katie’s horse,” Smolders detailed. “They used to have more of those natural fences when they were young over there. I never did a course with him like this, but I felt that he was also quite comfortable with it. I think you could see the horses that did well knowing those fences. I must say, Katie did a very good job today. Her horse jumped very well, and she rode fantastic, so she really deserved to win.”

Photo © Sportfot