Claudia Moore and Shaunie Greig shine at Bury Farm

At Bury Farm's small pony premier show, riders and ponies battlled it out for the all-important RIHS Hickstead tickets. In the winter 128cm, Claudia Moore won on Pringle (pictured, roan indoors) and took third with Peppino Il Grande. Tom Francis-Jones and Major Jack took second and Madison Heath (Red Alert) took fourth, but as all these had previously qualified, the coveted Hickstead places were passed down the line. Ria Scott was fifth on Bunbury Conquest with Iwan Carpenter (Telynau Royal Damask) in sixth and Eloise Squibb (Platinum Prince) seventh.

In the 138cm, Shaunie Greig on Drumaclan Flight (pictured, bay, outdoors) came first, Tahnia Jordan-Jones with Thyme Flies was second and Emma Cook (Mitchel Troy Welsh Express) took third. Tahnia was also fourth on Oakhurst In The Spotlight with Olivia Sheppard (Arrow Head Quiver) fifth and Tegan Rowlands (Grey Palace) sixth.

Photos © Jumping Around