William Funnell wins the Costa del Sol 1.45m world ranking class

William Funnell topped the Longines world ranking master 1.45m on Billy Angelo (pictured) on the Costa del Sol tour, Mijas. Peter Charles (Stapleton Mist) took fifth and Anna Edwards (Blazer B) was sixth. William was also second in the master 1.35m on Billy Cool, Peter Charles (Dauphin) was third with Alex Gill (Cassa Z) fifth, Pippa Funnell (Billy Fanta) tenth, Stuart Neads (Quick Boy De Luys) 12th and Cressy Neads (Elton) 15th. Steven Franks and Billy Ginger won the premium 1.30m with Lauren Edwards (Bukato) fourth. In the master 1.30m, Pippa and Billy Chatter took seventh, and Peter Charles (ABC Quantum Cruise) took 15th. Alex Gill (For Gotti) took fourth in the 1.20m, Hannah Berryman (Billy Gogo) was seventh and Pippa Funnell (Sandman 7) was 14th. In the 1.10m, Ireland's Tori Dunn won with Bellscross Cruisedow and took seventh on Victoria Z with Britain's Tomer Ziv in 13th on Fruhlingsfee II.

Photo © Jumping Around