Matt Sampson hits winning form on the Sunshine tour

On the Spanish sunshine tour, Vejer, Matt Sampson on Sid and Jackie Jones' Dolanda (pictured) won the big tour A1 speed. Harriet Nuttall (Silver Lift) took second with Kayleigh Watts (Dinky Toy) fifth, Tom Whitkaer (La Grande Z) sixth, Sally Hopkinson (Cartouche) seventh, Tim Page (Galano Ter Klump) ninth, Louise Whitaker) tenth, Lance Whitehouse (Horatio Van Ter Hulst) 11th, Jess Dimmock (Billy Anderson) 16th and Stevie Crosby (Carabas Girl) 17th. Pippa Allen (Hope Springs) took second in the Big tour D jump-off class with Harriet Nuttall (A Touch Imperious) third, Chloe Aston (Kolibri Classic) fourth, Guy Williams (Depardieu Vant Kiezelhof) fifth, James Davenport (Catinka) sixth and Kerry Brennan (Wellington M) tenth. Lance Whitehouse (Vik II) was 11th, Max Routledge (Carus Royale) 14th, Tim Gredley (Unex Handyman) 15th and Tim Wilks (Quelboro Merze) 16th. Phillip Miller and Unbelievable Lady were ninth in the big tour C two-phase, won by South Africa's Oliver Lazarus and Casino N. Anna Wilks (Brayn) took fifth in the big tour B two-phase with Phillip Miller (Sussex Caretino) ninth, Sweden's Angelie von Essen (West Falica) tenth, Spencer Roe (Candela 27) 11th. Laura Robonson (Lombelle) 15th and Simon Crippen (Atlanta VIII) 18th. Ireland's Richard Howley on D Millfield Darin won the big tour A accumulator with Robert Bevis (Vogue) second, Joe Whitaker (Ximena) third, Ireland's Max O'Reilly Hyland (Enigma) fourth, Tim Gredley (Unex Clintan MB), Phillip Miller (Darona) sixth, James Whitaker (La Cawarra) seventh, Yazmin Pinchen (Unesca), eighth Max Routledge (La Lou Du Rouet) ninth, Jake Saywell (Havinia Van De Roshoeve) 11th, Anna Wilks (Touch Of Pleasure) 13th and Louise Whitaker (Udget Dur Rozel) 15th. In the classic tour D class, Ireland's Dereck McCoppin was second on Billy Diamond and and fourth on Whiterock Lucky Lady, Morgan Kent and Westpoint Baros took fourth in the classic tour C, with Abbie Crippen seventh on Able Mabel. Kerry Grimster and All Rise won the classic tour B with Alison Barton (Billy Anna) second, Bethanie Knight (Dior) fourth, Lily Beveridge (Paris XI) sixth and Georgia Distefano (Evensong III) eighth. In the classic tour A, Chloe Breen (Zidane VIII) was third, Charlotte Horne (Tinkas Gift) was fourth with Caroline Breen (Corcovada) fifth, Nancy Pinchen (Zodiac Z) seventh, Georgia Distefano (Cassia DS) eighth and Ellie Stevenson (High Offley Business Centre) tenth.

Photo © Jumping Around