Louise Pavitt and Jamie Wingrove win in Oliva Nova

The Brits were on winning form on Friday on the MET2 tour in Oliva Nova. Louise Pavitt and Fiona VH Lemmenshof (pictured) won the gold tour 1.40m with Charlotte Flack (Ashdale Senica) in 11th. Jamie Wingrove headed the 1.35m on Zilfa Heleen and in the 1.45m, Scott Brash (Hello Guvnor) was ninth and Charlotte Flack (Ashdale Luxara) in 11th in a class won by France's Adeline Hecart (Question D'Orval). Jamie (Kannzo Z) was sixth in the silver 1.30m. In the silver 1.25m, Jamie (El Paso III) was sixth and Alex Hempleman (Westenwind) took seventh, and these two riders were also placed in the silver 1.35m Alex (Billy Dinero) was 13th just ahead of Jamie (Grupello Z) in 14th. On the bronze tour, Ruth Reay (Elve I) took third in the 1.25m, Mackenzie Ray (Valse De Boguin) was fifth, Ashley Ray (Care For) was sixth and Olivia Skinner (Sir Henry IV) was ninth. Emma Shingles (Mirdads Hawa) took sixth in the 1.40m. In the 1.30m, Mackenzie Ray (Audrey) was sixth with Emma Holmes (Quincy 151) tenth and Ashley Ray (Quattro D'Ete) was seventh in the 1.15m.

Photo © Jumping Around