Brits on form in the sun

Brits were on form at the Sunshine tour, Vejer, on Thursday. Pippa Allen and Carthagon G Z (pictured) headed the seven-year-old A section with Henry Turrell (Reddarco) 12th and David Wingrove (Ezivona) 13th. Max Routledge was second in the seven-year-old B section on Castletara Lady Lux and fourth (Chanel IV). Robert Whitaker (Expresso) took third, Matt Sampson (Jade Van't Prinsenveld) was fifth with Robert Bevis (Etude) sixth, Robert Maguire (Arramis) eighth, Chloe Aston (Cornado's Boy RC) tenth, British-based Irishman Dereck McCoppin (Luxella) 13th and Jake Elliott (Django Blue) 14th. Tim Page won the six-year-old B section on Doonaveeragh Bunny with Max Routledge second (Firkov Du Rouet) and fifth on Sandro's Boy Z with Chloe Aston (Kandahar) third. Louise Simmons (St Tropez 8) took third in the six-year-old A section with Louise Whitaker (Special Warrior), Yazmin Pinchen (Briljant LVP Z), Tom Roche (Tincabell), Bethanie Knight (Renkum Ruby Rouge), Jess Dimmock (Billy Wish) and Joe Whitaker (Redhill Fanta) in the top 11. Guy Williams and Goddigger took second in the big tour behind winner, Belgium's Jerome Guery (Ginnis Van't Geyzeven). Laura Robinson (Jonti) was third, Chloe Aston (Amigo T) took fourth, and Kerry Brennan (Wellington M) was tenth with William Whitaker (Glenavadra Brilliant) 12th, Harriet Nuttall (A Touch Imperious) 15th and Yazmin Pinchen (Van De Vivaldi) 16th. Jade Couch (Giovanca) and Ashlee Harrison (Gail De Semilly) scored a British one-two in the five-year-old. Jude Burgess was fifth and sixth on Gimona and Germates with Pippa Goddard seventh (Chellimo) and tenth (Zoon Van London), Morgan Kent (LSS Barbados) eighth, Pippa Allen (Fashion Statement) ninth and Spencer Roe (Gusto) 11th.

Photo © Jumping Around