British winners on the Costa del Sol

On the Costa Del Sol tour, Mijas, on Thursday, Steven Franks and Carlow Cruiser headed the 1.45m, with William Funnell (Billy McCain) third and Ireland's Sven Hadley (Realt Na Carrig) fourth. Peter Charles (Stapleton Mist) took sixth. Anna Edwards and Blazer B (pictured) were best Brits in the 1.40m with fourth place and Steven Franks (Brutus III) took sixth. In the 1.35m, Steven took fourth on Holly Congo, Anna (Chesterfield Z) was fifth and Alex Gill (Cassa Z) took seventh. Lauren Edwards was first and second on Expresso and Boston 11 in the five-year-old. In the six-year-old, Anna (Fix Date) took third, Lauren was eighth on Quick Quintender with Hannah Berryman (Billy Slaney) 12th. Lauren was second in the seven-year-old on Ella Sandra G with William Funnell (Billy Holly Blue) third.

Photo © Jumping Around